Transition documentation

Hi all!
First of all, I wanto to express my huge appreciation for developer's work with kdenlive 0.7.
I use to work with Ubuntu, and recently our ability to use KDENlive was plagued with te 0.6svn version, shipped with te OS repos, altough 0.5 was very good and stable release.
Now I have downloaded the sources and compiled myself this magnificent piece of software, and it goes pretty smoothly.
Anyway, I still have some points wich are not clear for me, and the biggest is about transitions. Is out there any documentation about new transitions, that are totally different from the 0.5 / 0.6svn ones (i.e. no more crossfades, and no instruction given how to use the new ones)?
Thanks and keep up the great work!

Re crossfade, please see the topic (and poll) is just posted :-)