How to make the transition between clips - like a white flash?

Try a white colour clip with two disolve transitions - see screen shot

I do not have a disolve transition. Version kdenlive 0.9.6. Is there another name for this transition?

Do you have Frei0r installed? Where did you get 0.9.6? What distro?

Have you found the small green dot highlight on a clip to pull down a transition? **EDIT** Doh! Should be green triangle to RH bottom corner of a clip, not the green circle.

Have you read even basic documentation?

I don't have Frei0r. I asked my friend to download the new version from the official site. Distro 12.10 (quantal)
Yes, I found the small green dot. And what next?
No, I have not read basic documentation. It's definitely need to read?

On the other laptop version 0. 7. 8. There is a transition of disolve, but this is not the result that I need

Where to find Frei0r ?

Probably the best approach is to add sunabs kdenlive PPA for 12.10 to your repositories, you can do that via Synaptic which may not be installed by default with 12.10, but you can get synaptic through the software center. You may be able to add sunabs PPA via software center but I always use synaptic for such things.

Add the PPA will give you all you need, kdenlive, MLT and Frei0r etc. Dissolve is missing because Frei0r is and although Frei0r is available in your 12.10 repos, it may not be upto date, so sunabs PPA's are better to install from.

Don't have the link but a quick google will find it for you.

Then you'll be able to add a dissolve, one way is to grab the green (**EDIT** Triangle NOT Dot) and pull down to create the transitions like ttguy has illustrated, if you've done that on your older version on the laptop and it's not what you want then you'll have to describe the effect you want in more detail.

Found a similar movie with transition.
After 10 seconds

I made a mistake earlier suggesting the green dot of coarse it should be the green triangle bottom right corner of a clip to pull down to create transition, my bad. But perhaps look at the 'Glow' effect it's keyframeable to get the ramped up burn out just at the end of the clip and then a simple transition if needed between the burn out and next clip.

Similar to the effect that I need, but not it. I think that with the help of experimentation will make the desired effect. THANK YOU. If someone makes the desired effect, tell in this topic or forum, please.

The effect that I want. Made in kdenlive
after 01:35

I did it!!!

Ok, care to share how you did it? :-)

It turned out with the brightness and contrast. But for me, it's not comfortable for a long time.
Now I'm done with the help of the transition "Dissolve". As he wrote ttguy
I'm from Russia, so some of the names of the effects on the Russian.