Transition "with track" issue

I'm new to kdenlive and really like what I see so far, however I can not figure out how to make the "with track" option on any type of Transition work as expected.

It seems that no matter what I set the "with track" option to, the only track it works with is the adjacent track. It works fine with the "auto" setting for merging with the next track, however setting it from "track 1" to "track 3" or "track 4" or even "black" does not seem to do anything. It just shows me the screen related to the next track (as if the Transition was still set to auto)

I've viewed everything I can find online but can still not find a solution.

The version I'm using is kdenlive - and I have even tried setting up the virtual machine version just to make sure it was not a problem related to my computer system, and it is exactly the same issue on the VM.

I must be missing something very basic but would really appreciate any advice provided.

Thanks in advance.

It is quite difficult to help, without knowing, what you expect, which transistion you use and what kind of effect you are trying to achieve.

In my last project the "with track" option worked as expected, when I composed three clips (track 1-3) on one screen. Track 2-3 set to "auto" and Track 1 was set to "track 3" and then all three clips have been visible.

Thanks for replying.

Perhaps the best way to see the issue is to view a brief screen capture - available here:

I must be missing something that is very basic - and would really appreciate any pointers so I can get this rather simple looking task done.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Hi Neil,

just put two color clips and a dissolve transition (with track: auto) between them, giving some free space before and after the transition (just as your project). I am using kdenlive

v1: cyan track
v2: magenta track

Now playing the timeline with
a) Revert unchecked
b) Revert checked

gives the result (the transition is between the two | chars)
a) cyan screen | magenta screen fading to cyan | cyan screen
b) cyan screen | cyan screen fading to magenta | cyan screen

Does your screen change at the very end of the transition? If not, can you try upgrading to