Transitions do not work

Hey there

I am a brandnew Linux user and so i am not very experienced.
I want to work with Kdenlive and its already running - but first of all its running a little bit slow, especially when i put some effects into the clips.
The next thing is, that a lot of the effects and all transitions are not running. They simple do not work.
What am i doing wrong?
The hardwear i use is a i5-2410M 2,3Ghzx4, 6gb Ram and a nvidia Gforce GT540M 1GB which should be enough.I m using the Ubuntu 11.10.

greets Reini

Might be useful to know some information about the video you are trying to edit. If they are AVCHD clips, then you will have trouble with playback and transitions.

In addition to moorsey: It depends on the effect, but even if you place 2-3 heavy load effects to SD clips, the playback could get choppy by frame dropping - even on a quadcore.

But if there are other problems with transitions the playback issue might be related.

moorsey, could you please elaborate a bit? I am having problems sometime with the AVCHD produced by my Panny LX-5, like for example frames "freezing" before the end of the clip or at the start of one. It's both in preview and (I repeat, sometime) in the generated video.

...and finally I understood how to do a cross fade using composite. I think it's quite complex, and the interface is unfriendly (I was convinced that clicking on the keyframe "diamond" would let me edit the last keyframe, but it didn't work (maybe because half of the diamond is out of the window?) and I had to use the "arrow" keys to select it... it took a bit to figure out. I think that a nice, plain crossfade would be useful for newbies like me. Or at least explain a bit more on the FAQ, which is, ehem, a bit cryptic.

r_mano, maybe you want to use dissolve instead of a keyframed composite transition. Place two clips, let them overlap and add dissolve to the upper one. Using Kdenlive with a German locale, I am not 100% sure if it is called dissolve, but I am sure that it does not take more than 3 seconds to add a crossfade of two clips. :)

If I may just add to al25fps' post above, the easiest way to add the dissolve (crossfade) is to place your pointer over the upper clip and move it to the bottom corner where the clips cross. When you see the green triangle, left click and the dissolve will be applied.

With regard to HD clips, you really need to use Proxies. Click on Support link above - KDE's Userbase wiki - Project and File management - a. Settings and it will be explained there.

Oh, and make sure that - Settings - Configure Kdenlive - Environment - MLT Processing threads is set to 1.


I have the same problem. I select disolve (Auflösen) in german but the effect is not shown, rendering it doesn't work either. Filters work.... but all of the transitions do not.. any ideas? This is on the latest Kubuntu, with an ATI 6850.

Hi all,

I started few days ago to use Kdenlive with Ubuntu 11.10

I've the same problem of Blinx, the transitions do not work. I've noticed that transitions works when the project is made of 1 video and 1 audio track.

If I try to create a more complex project, for exampe with 3 video and 2 audio tracks, transitions do not work, even if I try to merge two jpeg

With the simple project, I can dissolve even between two avchd clips, with the complex one, I can't dissolve at all

I'm a newbie in this forums, do you think that would be notified as a bug? Do you know some workaround?

Thank a lot