Transitions regarding frei0r

hi all.
I have a small problem with kdenlive. I am missing some transitions well actually an awful lot, I have a blank one and 5 others. I also noticed that others in this forum had the same issue, But I couldnt find a work around to fix this problem. So have any of you mighty gurus any wisdom to share with me?
BTW frei0r is installed, kdenlive seems to be looking at the right files/folders, kdenlive version 7.7.1 and running Ubuntu 10.04

are you asking how to make custom transitions? isn't luma what you want?

nope, i'm no asking about custom transitions. I saying that I have a problem and transitions are missing from my list. To be more precise the frei0r transitions (screen, etc). So I am looking for a way to be able to use all the transition that are available. a fix...

Same here with svn version 4491. Two weeks ago, I made a short movie and all Frei0r transitions are available but yesterday the are all gone. This happens sometimes and after some time they come back. I don't know why this happen. Maybe a developer can explain this.

Me too. I only have a few frei0r plugins showing for some reason, I can see some like contrast0r and distort0r, but many are missing (e.g. glow and letterb0xed).

I have just re-installed frei0r from the main ubuntu package manager (I was using a more recent version) to see if that fixed it, and re-ran the config wizard in kdenlive, but that didn't seem to do anything.

I am using 0.5.5 melt, I might re-install that to see if it is that.

I am using the standard kdenlive.

[Edit: Just rebuilt and installed mlt.git-8838dcfcc2bf305ed73d5cde48b7bddcae5c7454 from 10th May, re-ran the kdenlive config wizard, and this fixed my problem, all the frei0r plugins I had are now back. I wonder if some of them have been blacklisted or something by MLT?]

I just replaced the installed latest git version of melt with version 0.5.4 and all frei0r transitions are back again. So I think there is something wrong with latest melt git version.

I already have melt 0.5.4 installed and yet I cant see the transitions. btw what is the git repo you talk about?

The fix I mentioned only applies if you were using MLT from its git source code repository *beyond* the 0.5.4 release. There is not a bug here in v0.5.4. If they do not appear with v0.5.4, there is an installation problem.