Trouble Activating Kdenlive on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Hi there,

I installed Kdenlive on my iMac recently, in fact it was this morning (it took over six hours to do, but I did it). The problem is I cannot open the program. It immediately crashes on me. I also installed ffmpeg and ffmpeg-devel during the building of Kdenlive. Could it be that these port installs could be conflicting with each other? That is the impression that I seem to be getting. If they are, how do I deactivate one of the port installs (ffmpeg-devel will not deactivate even though the port is considered active by Porticus)? Also, I installed Subversion on my iMac for Kdenlive. Bear in mind I also use Porticus to install ported software. I have Subversion in /opt/local/bin, But Porticus does not seem to recognize that it is there (the type is red when it should be blue when listed in the Porticus GUI when I view ffmpeg-devel on Porticus). OK. These are my main issues. What lack I yet?

NOTE: I also have tried to activate the dbus file in my Library and the Terminal comes back saying that there is nothing to load, so I am stumped there as well. FYI.

Any assistance is duly appreciated. Thanks.


I do not think you should install _both_ ffmpeg and ffmpeg-devel! Kdenlive requires ffmpeg-devel. Also, indicate if you followed the directions about setting up udev, kde preferences folder permissions, and ran kded4. Regarding the udev setup, you may need to learn a bit about launchd. This is a very difficult install target to support, and already have a lot of work with coding and debugging, so I am not able to provide much OS X support.