Two problems in Kdenlive

I found two problems in Kdenlive.

First: when i insert a track in timeline kdenlinve crash, while if i add a track it's ok.
Second: when i capture HDV there are problems (many drop and stop in video).

I have a pc with 8 gb of ram, possibly that kdenlive don't work with 64 bit?



For your HDV capture you could use dvgrab directly on the command line, personally I prefer to capture on the CLI for speed and minimum resources, rather than in kdenlive.

kdenlive works fine on 64bit.

What Linux distro and version of kdenlive? There maybe problems if you've updated your distro, for example Ubuntu 11.10 and still using 'stable' kdenlive?

You could try sunabs 'stable' builds from his PPA for upto date, or the svn builds if you're brave. :-)

OR, if you prefer a gui to the command line capture, give kino a try. it's basically a gui for dvgrab anyway I believe. I use kino to capture over my firewire card from a Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge so I am not sure what you have for your HDV clips. I also believe there is excellent proxy clip incorporation into this latest release of kdenlive. It allows working with less res clips which are called proxy clips which basically point to your original HDV clips, so when working with them in your timeline it's fast and responsive BUT then when you go and render, it uses the original HDV clips. I am not sure how they work I have only read a few threads about proxy clips.

As far as the crashing. I believe it's being worked on and .8.2.1 will be released soon with many bug fixes. You could try the experimental svn ppa from sunab which is latest kdenlive and mlt retrieved from git. (i think)

I use 10.04 with sunab's experimental svn ppa and i've only had 1 crash but i've gotten used to saving after almost every step I do.

(which actually has me wondering, wonder if there is an auto-save feature?
Good luck