two short movies in one screen

show two short movies in one screen
On the left have one movie and on the right half the other movie.
Is this possible.


You might be able to using the 'PIP' transition with the right settings (KDE3 version)... also pay attention to the 'Perform transition with...' option.

Thanks I was already trying that.
I was thinking maybe it should be done with masks but I can not find it within kdenlive.



How can I do that in kdenlive 0.7 can not find picture in picture anymore

Try using Composite effect on both clips. In effect window set track to 'Black' and drag the edges of the red square to the position desired.

Tried to do that but can only see one frame do I also have to choose split view ?
Is not working and kdenlive crashed

It might be that after resizing the red rectangle in effect window, you also have to move it to avoid overlapping.
Uploaded is an attachment for more clarity.

If the program still crashes it might be a good idea to switch to SVN version (search google for kdenlive builder wizard) or file a bug report at

Its working but I do not see with track black in my transition screen.

Which version kdenlive are you using.
Is that kdenlive 0.7.1 beta ?
I am using 0.7 and can not see in the transition screen with track and the popup screen black.


I'm using one of the latest development builds. Check the cool builder wizard program if you want it too :) ... tent=85826

Thanks I wil try that .
kdenlive 0.7 is already a good progression
I am looking forward to 0.7.1.