Ubuntu packages

Well, as some have discovered, the packages at Debian-Multimedia.org only seem to work on Ubuntu with backports enabled and updated (although Kubuntu is fine). This isn't default and isn't even good practice generally and has led to quite a few bug reports. There is a fix though...

We need Ubuntu .debs!

You can help! There's already a packaging request filed at Launchpad (with four duplicates :D ) for this, but it needs some extra noise / attention. So hurry on over to:

https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+sour ... bug/269191

Subscribe, add your comments, or if you know anything about packaging Ubuntu .debs your skills.

Linux Video Editing Needs You!
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PS Remember, even if you're *not* using Ubuntu, more users=more bugtesters/media attention/fun/opportunities. So, who do you know who *is* using an *ubuntu?

there are some packages working for ubuntu intrepid,
and here:
they don't require backports to be enabled.

Information is here: