Ubuntu sound has gone on KDEnlive

I am new to Kdenlive but have successfully complied a video with transitions and sound tracks etc.
I did have the recurring problem of it crashing which I have resolved tonight by delete configuration files (~/.kde/share/config/kdenliverc)
Aha thinks I every thing is tickety boo. Now I find that I cannot get sound from any of my .dv files
I am using Kino to capture video and running Hardy Heron
Anyone else with this problem?

In Kdenlive 0.7, you can choose a custom audio driver:

So :
1) Test sound in Gnome or Kde
2) Choose the correct driver in Kdenlive (not required, but helps).

I'm running Intrepid. I had movie player playing a WMV once, and Kdenlive couldn't even be started. I closed the MWV, started Kdenlive, but as always there is no sound. Configuring sound to my standard settings has not produced any results. I'm wondering if there are any commands for getting sound to work in Kdenlive.

I have exactly the same problem. I've used the Automatic, ALSA amd Pulseaudio settings to no avail. I've also notices the kdenlive never appears on the list of Pulsesudio playback devices in the volume manager - I suspect there may be an issue in the code.

using current SVN build as of noon GMT 19 June. Kdenlive rev 3603, MLT Jun 19 22:30 commit, ffmpeg 19235

Kdenlive sound passes through SDL.

If you are using PulseAudio, you need to install the SDL PulseAudio package for it to work, the package should be called something like libsdl1.2debian-pulseaudio

That fixxed my problem -- Many thanks

I ran into a no sound problem recently as well. My system is a little unusual - I have PulseAudio installed, but not using it. To use ALSA with dmix, I have to use ALSA pcm "default," but Kdenlive will not let me choose that. With any of the device settings, it uses something like "plughw:0,0" or similar. I had to edit the kdenliverc file to set it to "default."