Un-Split Audio

There does not seem to be an "Un-Split Audio" feature.

What do I mean by that?

Well, there is a command "Split Audio" which splits a clip with audio+video into separate video and audio tracks. Once done, there does not seem to be a way to later on undo that splitting. Am I right or did I overlook something?

If I am right (please give me some feedback on this) I should file a feature request accordingly.

Kind regards.

could you explain your usage for this possibly? if you want the audio and video joined again you could just encode it to whatever codec you want to use or just start again with the original footage which has the audio and video joined still.

I am editing theatre-footage, which was filmed with three separate cameras and thus I have three different audio-tracks ready to use. What I did was to basically stay with one distinct audio-track and delete the other two. Now I find that here and there my selected audio track is not as good as it might be with the other audio tracks. So for certain clip-parts, I would like to get the audio back by just "Video-Audio-Un-Splitting" the Video-Track-Part, which I can see on the timeline, which does not hold the Audio anymore. Unfortunately this - in theory very simple task - does not seem to be possible at the moment with kdenlive.

Did you ever make your feature request? This is precisely my desire, also.

I'm getting audio crackles at a transition:

One of the tracks involved in the transition has audio + video split. I want to check whether that fact is part of the problem (does the crackling go away when re-joined?).

Jeez, "why do you want that"? Why not?

Alex, do not assume crackling audio during preview in the editor represents the rendered output. The other thread you are in about frame-dropping is related. Does the crackling go away if you render that section to WAV?