Underwater clip


I finally managed to upload my first underwater video.

Color editing was done in Cinelerra, since Kdenlive doesn't have a good white balance feature.
All the other editing was done in Kdenlive.

The title effect at the beginning of the video is a combined green/blue screen.
I created a green background with a blue strip with a white borderline in Inkscape.
Then I used a blue screen effect to replace the strip with the some wave shots and rendered it to a separate file.
In the second run the green was then replaced with the final scene. (With some added transparency)

Render profile was a modified h264 4Mbit video bit rate and 256kbit AAC audio bitrate at 44.1kHz samplerate.
(128kbit is really too low if you want to have decent audio quality)



Nice video !

What camera did you use for the underwater shooting ?

As for the color correction, Kdenlive does have a number of effects, but the usability isn't that great. For instance the white balance seems to work but it really lacks a color picker to select what color should be white. The curves and levels effects are also quite powerful, but then again the interface is not quite there...

Camera is a tiny point and shoot digicam: Panasonic Lumix TZ7.

Full camcorders get mightily expensive underwater.
The housing for the Panasonic I am looking for costs some 2000EUR.

So my two other clips are now available as well:

Has some footage of wreck diving

Shots from some night dives.