Underwater video

This is my first try at an underwater video. It was not done on a camcorder but on a compact camera (canon ixius) so nothing fancy.
Everything edited in kdenlive, credits in inkscape.

2 things i missed for editing:
- color correction (the hue,contrast,saturation and white balance plugins are not really useful)
- another tab, like the project tab, but where i can store the segments i cut from the original clips

this is still work in progress... but i screwed my install last night so this is what's left for now.


Islas Medas 2009 from eSa on Vimeo.

thanks to the kdenlive team for the huge improvements in stability for 0.7.6

I am glad that your beautiful footage survived quite well through the editing and publishing processes!

Thanx Dan, I hope if I manage to get some lamps the next footage will really be nice with some colors...other than blue :P

Here's the full video of the Eagle Ray, there was just an extract of it in the previous video.

It was shot at -33m without lamps, so it's hard to get some colours other than blue out of it.


Raya águila from eSa on Vimeo.

Very nice, thanks for posting, but I suggest you slow down the speed of your end credits text. It flies by a little too quickly.


yes I know, but I can't make a new render right now, I have some problems with my ffmpeg, I'll do it as soon as it's fixed.