Uninstall KDENLIVE builder Wizard installation

I've just upgraded to Kubuntu 9.04 and now wish (as recomended) to use the repositary package rathen than the buldier wizard.

How do I fully uninstall the builder wizard installation?



As nobody has been able to answer what should be a relatively simple question I decided to delete the kdenlive folder in my Home folder, and checked usr/local for any sign of ffmpeg (nothing found).

Deleted kommander by a sudo apt-get remove and then installed kdenlive.

When I run it from Konsole I get an error message can not find your mlt profiles, and it then displays the current path "/home/fernsm1/kdenlive/share/mlt/profiles/".

I'm really unimpressed!

hi markofealing
i'm sorry you didn't receive an answer, but please, remember we're just volunteers and we have so many other things to do... 2 days is not a long time, someone would have answered you


delete ~/.kde4/share/config/kdenliverc or ~/.kde/share/config/kdenliverc

Thank you very much for the reply, deleting ~/.kde/share/config/kdenliverc did the trick.

What was frustrating was that this site originally pointed me to the Installer Wizard and now that Kubuntu 9.04 has the latest version in the distro recommended using the distro version without explaining or pointing the user to any information on how to remove the wizard installation.

Anyway, hope others in the same predicament as me find this useful, kdenlive is a great product and goes from strength to strength.

we'll add this to the builder wizard page

thanks for the note, and thanks for using kdenlive!