Uninstalling Render Profiles in

I'm Using Kubuntu 11.10 had used the Kdenlive Add-On Installer to install four YouTube profiles. Initially these did not work due to a missing library libav-extra which I installed. I then reran the config wizard.

Previously before rerunning the wizard, the profiles had appeared in render, although they hadbeen shown as unavailable due to the missing library. Now they no longer appear.

If I go into the Add-On installer, the profiles show as installed. If I click on Uninstall, the button changes to Install Again whic suggests that the profile has been removed, except the XML config files remain in /.kde/share/apps/kdenlive/export/. If I close kdenlive and reopen the add-on installer the profiles reappear as installed. Deleting the XML files makes no difference.

It would appear that the Uninstall process is broken


Looks like there was a problem with the xml data provided to Kdenlive from our website. Can you please try to install / uninstall again the profile to see if it works now?

Went into the Kdenlive Add-On Installer and the profiles indicated an Update was available (nice feature), as there was no uninstall option available ran the update. Went into Render, and the profiles were still not appearing. Uninstalled them, and then restarted kdenlive, they reappeared as installed.

Opened /.kde/share/apps/kdenlive/export/. moved the four xml files relating to the profiles into a new folder and in kdenlive, updated the profiles then uninstalled. Checked the export directory in Dolphin and the xml files were not present. Closed the profile window and then closed kdenlive and reran. Rechecked the export directory, were xml files not present, but kdenlive showing Update against the profiles, which suggests it thinks the profiles are installed, the xml files are present and need updating.

Clicking on update creates new XML files and flags the plugins as installed, but on launching the Add-On Installer again after closing, the profiles are still being flagged with Update!

Two things come to mind:

1. Kdenlive is not checking the export directory to see if the xml files for the profiles actually exist. I think it should.
2. There must be a flag elsewhere in kdenlive which is not being correctly set/ or is being overwritten evertime the add-on installer is run, regarding the status of the profiles.