Updated Kdenlive Packages for AV Linux 6.0 users


I'm not sure how many AV Linux users frequent the Kdenlive forums here but there are updated Kdenlive/MLT packages for AV Linux 6.0 users built from recent GIT that feature VERY significant improvements thanks to J-B-M's recent herculean bug fixing activities. It is hoped that 0.9.3 packages will be available whenever it is released but in the meantime this is a very solid build to use.

Please read and follow the instructions here carefully:

A sincere thanks to j-b-m for being so quickly responsive to bug and build reports :)

Glen MacArthur - AV Linux Maintainer

Good to hear about a new version! I am not an AV user myself, but in the past, I've recommended it often to people who ask me about Linux multimedia. There were several "media" type Linuxes, but I liked AV the best.

So, thanks very much for the good work!

Hi Marko.

Thanks very much for your comments and for recommending AV to people. It is fairly well known in Linux Audio circles but I am just as interested in getting the good word out about Video Editing under Linux but that is even a smaller niche. I'm very grateful that some of the issues I was having with MLT and Kdenlive previously are now resolved and that Kdenlive can still be built and run on AV's Debian Stable base.