Updating the build script

Not quite sure where was the most appropriate place to put this, so move if needed.

So, the build script is currently outdated looking for Kdenlives sources at Sourceforge instead of at Kde.org. I'm updating the script to get it to work again. Although I have compiled stuff before, I'm not a dev, or very used to git, so I'm hitting a couple of blocks. So far I've changed the source url to git://anongit.kde.org/kdenlive.git, updated the type from SVN to git, changed kdenlive_head=1 to kdenlive_head=0 but now I'm getting an error:

fatal: Failed to resolve 'HEAD' as a valid ref.
ERROR: Unable to reset git tree for kdenlive

So two questions:
1. Where is this defined?
2. Should it be another value now Kdenlive is over at Kde.org (trunk?)


Gah. Disregard this. WHen I first ran the script it told me it couldn't find kdenlive.sourceforge.net or whatever the url is and I thought it was because I'd heard Kdenlive had moved to kde.org's git repos. My internet's been flakey lately and I just discovered that when I run the script again it has no problem, so I think it was just a basic connection error. >.