Urban Terror fragmovie

hi :)

I made a small fragmovie for the Game urban terror.


Please judge the editing, and most of all, if you can give me some tips to make it better, filters... Thanks in advance !


Well done, but I want more slow mo headshots ;)

Thanks :)

Here is my second fragmovie :

I'm now working on a new project, where i'll try to make so good and original effects. Won't be easy with kdenlive, but i can do it. :p

For the reverse video effect, i had to use another software (forgot which one... i think it was avidemux) . I copied my clip reversed, and i inserted it in the kdenlive project. Dirty trick, but working :p

Hello there

Here is my last fragmovie.


I used much more effects, and i use them really better.

Next fragmovie inc at 0.7.9 kdenlive release :)

Hope you'll like it

Hello guys

Here is the last fm :


I hope you'll like it !

I made another one for a contest, but cant show it now (cause the contest is not ended).

And here is my last fragmovie !


Have fun :)

Come one. The first one. CLEAR wall hack. And sugestive aim bot.
I won't be playing you anytime soon.