Urgent: Mono to stereo effect not working - Dan Dennedy

Hello all,

Greetings from West-Africa.

I love working with KDenlive on my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, the program has gotten so much better / advanced in the last years.

Right now, I am doing the fine tuning of a music project and wanted to use the "mono to stereo" effect from Dan Dennedy I used before to 'turn' my mono audio into stereo. I am currently using KDenlive btw.

When trying to manipulate the default setting to the right ones for my project it every time jumps back to the default numbers below: ?!
To: 1
To: 1
From: 0
Swap: 0

Can some body who is using this effect explain me how to exactly manipulate it (and save it)? What does the swap option mean for example? Or is there a good website where I can go to for extra info?

It seemed to have well worked in the past, but not anymore for some reason.

Thanks for any input on this, appreciated!

Thanks, there is a small bug in Kdenlive that makes this mono to stereo effect confusing.
I just fixed it in git, but currently, you should set both "To" parameters to the track you want to copy to and "From" as the track you want to copy from. The swap option exchanges the two tracks instead of copying one onto the other.

Keep in mind that this effect (name is probably misleading) is not for mono clips. If I am correct, in MLT, clips with only one audio channel with have the audio duplicated over the two channels, you will hear sound from both speakers.

This "Mono to Stereo" effect is designed for clips that have 2 or more audio tracks, and allows to duplicate one of the track on the other. For example if your left channel is bad for some reason, this will allow you to have the right channel copied onto the left one.

Hope it is understandable, regards.