Urgent: mp4 output doesn't play sound on Mac?

Hello all, good morning from this side,

In Senegal I am finishing up a project and I found out that my .mp4 output(s)- 25.000 bitrate, 256 audio settings - doesn't play sound / audio. On my own laptop is plays perfectly fine. Is this a Mac thing or ....?

We tested several projects, some made with a lower version of KDE, all with the same sound problem.

Putting the video on YouTube will let the same video play well on the same MacBook.

I am using KDE 4.4.5 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS ...

If you could give me some input, that would be highly appreciated!
If any more info is needed, I am more than happy to provide it, thanks!

Do other mp4 files (not from Kdenlive but downloaded from youtube for example) play with sound in the same player on MAC? If not, it does not seem to be a Kdenlive related problem.

If the video plays fine in youtube (HTML5 or Flash) it is a hint to me, that you have a player related issue. Can you test it with another player?

Perhaps the audio codec isn't installed / available on the mac? Have you checked the audio codec on the Youtube reencode is the same codec as you used in the .mp4 you created?