Usability, menus and strings (in English)


I replace 'Display on-screen infos' with 'Preview rendering in Timeline monitor' in Kdenlive menu.
If you would like to change string or text to ease understanding, please use this thread.

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I don't really understand your string change. The "Display On Screen Infos" option is supposed to print the timecode on top of your image in the monitor (works for both clip and timeline monitor) - it may be extended to print other infos like clip title also.

I don't understand your string change: 'Preview rendering in Timeline monitor' ? can you please explain, and maybe we can find a better solution...


My fault, the English text was not precise enough.
Then I played with it and discovered it could hide effects.
But I cannot reproduce this behavior! Bug?

What do you think about "Display Timecode information".

I reverted to "Display timecode" and commited to SVN.

I modified:
"Mouse·wheel·moves·horizontally·(Alt·for·vertical·scroll)" -> "Scroll timeline using mouse wheel (Alt to zoom)"

Buy the way, what does "Use·Drop·Frame·timecode" mean, really?
When should we choose it?

Reinhard, I cannot find your suggestions about firewire English strings.
Maybe the strings are not part of Kdenlive.

If you would like to correct any English string in Kdenlive, feel free to reply to this message.

jmpoure wrote:
Reinhard, I cannot find your suggestions about firewire English strings.
Maybe the strings are not part of Kdenlive.

I've send a call for help to jbm


I fixed the firewire string as suggested by jmpoure, it was in capturemonitor.cpp, line 74.


Can you also add a string when a too outdated dvgrab version is detected like:

Please update to dvrab 2.x, or higher - otherwise you are not able to capture via firewire.

... to prevent problems like this one.

Any message or text that you would like to change in Kdenlive before 0.5 release?
Could some native speaker be so kind to open and review the kdenlive.pot file?

"The programs dvgrab or ffplay are missing.
Firewire capture will "
"be disabled until you install them."

This feels a little clumsy. "programs" and "are" are plural, yet the alternatives "dvgrab or ffplay" are singular.
"The programs dvdgrab and ffplay are required for firewire capture.
"Please ensure both are installed to use this feature".
"Cannot find both dvdgrab and ffplay.
"Firewire capture will be disabled until both are installed"

I think I prefer the first.

"Distort Images (non proportionnal scaling)"
should be "proportional".

"Specifies that we should display timecodes using a drop frame timecode "
"(specifically for NTSC). Drop frame timecode compensates for the fact that "
"NTSC runs at 29.97 frames per second by \"dropping\" two frames a minute, "
"except for every 10th minute. WIthout this, the timecode will slowly slip "
"out of sync with the real world time.\n"
"Drop frame timecode only affects the way that frames are numbered, no frames "
"are dropped from the video edit."

"WIthout" should not have a capital I, just "Without".

The two sentences that start "Drop frame timecode" feel wrong. Either they should use a plural,
or start with an article. e.g.
Drop frame timecodes compensate ...
A drop frame timecode compensates ..
The drop frame timecode compenstates ...

Both "Video Tracks" and "Audio tracks" occur twice with different capitalisation.
Should that be made uniform, so they only appear in the .pot file once?
Same for "Razor clip", "play selection", "rename folder", "delete folder"
"Add track" "delete track"
"Open clip in [an] external editor"

"Pip". As these are initials of "Picture In a Picture" (I assume), they would normally be
all capitals: "PIP".
"Restore Last Zoom Level"
"Restoring previous zoom level"
inconsistent capitals.
"Move cursor forward one second"
"Move cursor backwards one second"

inconsistent use of "s" at end of word. Both with an without are
acceptable. I think without is more common, but the main point is
to be uniform.

Looking at all uses of "forward(s)" and "backward(s)", I would leave the "s"
in "Play forwards" and "Play backwards", and get rid of all the other 's's.
"Generating audio thumb"
"Generating video thumbnails"

should they be "audio thumbnails" ??

"An export process is currently running.\n"
"Closing Kdenlive will terminate the export.\n"
"Close anyways ?"

"anyways" is a bit colloquial. Make it
"Close anyway?"


... and some of think that in "English", "colour" as a 'u', and it is just
Americans who drop it, but I guess that is a localisation issue :-)

... and some of think that in "English", "colour" as a 'u', and it is just
Americans who drop it, but I guess that is a localisation issue

The dropping of u in words like colour is an American corruption and should be avoided. The English are not guiltless though: converting z's into s' is a UK corruption.

Correct English is: colour, localize, etc. Not sure about centre, Brits and Canadians (maybe other countries) use 're', whereas the US uses 'er'.

Thanks I will update the source code tonight.
Feel free to post other remarks.

Sorry, I have to go for a 48 hours trip and without access to internet. Anyone with SVN access, feel free to modify source code. Kind regards, Jean-Michel