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gestion du son dans Kdenlive

Bonjour à tous,

J'utilise Kdenlive depuis trois mois notamment dans un cadre pédagogique avec des élèves de l'élémentaire jusqu'au lycée.
J'aurai une question:

- comment gerer le son et son mixage; je n'ai pas trouvé le moyen de monter et baisser les niveau d'une piste de manière fine et précise ce qui me surprend vu que les waveformes sont disponibles.

En vous remerciant,


Muffle audio track

I'd like to create a "muffled" effect, so it sounds like the music is coming from the next room over, and I can't figure out how to do it in kdenlive. Any help?

I'm using the latest version of Kdenlive on the latest build of Ubuntu Studio.

.wav files CRASH kdenlive 0.9.6

When an audio .wav file is scrolled over during "add a clip" with "showing Aside preview", it immediately crashes kdenlive 0.9.6 using kde 4.10.3 in Mint 14 and netrunner 12.2. If "showing Aside preview" is NOT activated. Then .wav files can be imported and used with no problem.
BTW mp3 files do play and import correctly when "showing Aside preview" is activated.

This does NOT happen on AVLinux 6.0 and Ubuntu 12.04 and Zorin 6.0 ALL ON THE SAME 64 bit machine (different partitions).

Help With Audio Volume Levels / AudioSpectrum

Hi! trying to set "broadcast" or decent audio volume levels. In AudioSpectrum I see max peaks something -12dB. There is a lot of sound down 63dB is it too low? Or what I should see? Or what scope to use?

Fixing out of sync video on Youtube

I am unsure where to put this. I downloaded my friend's video on youtube and got the video file. I cannot seem to separate the audio track from the video track. The video is extremely out of sync in several portions. It was an online concert. They tried to to fix the problem during the live concert but failed so the video was syncing in and out as well as literally going in and out. Could someone help me with this problem?

Can I disable Audio Track 1 in a batch using Comandline?

Hi Guys,

I have a few seasons of Stargate that have a German audio track as default. I need to either disable them or redefine them as track 2 perhaps.

My media server is a headless FreeBSD install without VNC. I found kdenlive seems to be the most promising option but I can not find any specific instructions to complete what I need to do.

Is it possible?

[Share]: 3D Converter and PDF to Image Converter

Recently, I usually need to transfer PDF files to Image format and convert my video between 2D and 3D.

With the help of PDF to Image Converter and 3D Converter, I did these conversion smoothly.

I will be likely to share both of them. They are not free but useful. Hope it can help.

1: 3D Converter

Audio out of Sync when rendered (Kind of Solved)

*EDIT - It would seem the fault is with my source video. I have noticed that the sound on certain clips drifts the same even in the preview monitor, but if I skip ahead it re-syncs, and if I cut the front couple seconds of the clip, it renders fine. It is odd though because when I play these original clips in a media player such as VLC, they play fine, it is only in Kdenlive that I have this problem which is very odd. Not sure if anyone would know what causes this?

Hi all,

This is my first time posting here and just want to say a big thanks for such an amazing piece of software and well done to everyone involved in this project.

Audio sync

Hello all

I got a question about syncing audio on a music concert, i ve several sources of filmed material and one good audio source
What i wanna do is create a multicam dvd with the good audio source, the question is how do i get the good audio source synched with the footage

Is there a trick to do or just listen and watch, i can play both audio sources together but is there a way do do in kdenlive somewhere, somehow


Background noise

Okay, I know I'm probably pushing sh*t uphill with this one, but I have a number of interviews filmed in loud environment - a lot of background chatter mainly. Mostly the subject can be made out above the noise, but at times it gets very difficult to understand what they're saying. I do not have the option of re-recording, so I was wondering if anyone has any decent techniques - within KDenlive, Audacity or otherwise - to just tease out one voice, even if ever so slightly. I've been messing around with the equalizer in Audacity for about 2 hours now with practically no success.


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