Installation from binary packages

Tips and questions about installation of Kdenlive from distribution-provided packages, like Debian, Red Hat, Gentoo, Slackware, etc

kdenlive menu disappeared(version is 0.9.6)

hello everyone,

My kdenlive encountered a problem, version is 0.9.6. The menu disappeared, anyone know how to restore it?

Thanks so much.

upgrading .7.2.1 on ubuntu 8.10

is this advisable?
(don't want any more trouble)
if so, how?
add-apt repository command is "not found"

thanks, /:b

messy ffmpeg

Hi everyone!

Trouble getting updated Kdenlive to see correct MLT version, won't start.

I had been using kdenlive 0.9.2 for a while without issue. I updated to kdenlive 0.9.6 via the instructions on using Sunab's repository. I have Ubuntu 12.10.

When I started kdenlive, it asks me to go through the first-run wizard thing, and it claims that I have MLT 0.8.0, please upgrade to 0.8.8. And I can click through that first-run wizard, but once I click finish, that box goes away and the NLE doesn't open. Nothing happens. So i updated melt via sudo apt-get install melt, where it went through and upgraded melt to 0.8.8. Now it says that melt is already the newest version.

Ubuntu 12.04 install from binary / sunab repository / source

Hi all,

Use kdenlive quite a bit and rely on it for work, so thanks to creators. Inadvertently an update was applied to ubuntu 12.04 that removed kdenlive, and I am having great difficulty fixing this. I have tried purging repository and adding it again, dpkg, installing the source and the binary, as well as the ubuntu software centre. I keep getting dependency problems and broken package messages. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks

kdenlive fails to install, libmlt6 & Ubuntu 13.04

I'm running Ubuntu 13.04 and unfortunately, kdenlive was just removed because libmlt6 was installed, which apparently is incompatible with kdenlive. When I try to re-install kdenlive, I get this error:

0.9.6 for ubuntu now avail at sunabs ppa

For those hanging out for sunabs build of version 0.9.6 it is now up

Thanks sunab

[SOLVED] Use a .MTS file with LPCM song


I use a sony cam who write in MTS on HD format.
When I choose the format song LPCM (Linear PCM), my song don't appear in my video (but if I choose the Dolby Digital format, the song appear) in kdenlive (and all the softwares I use (totem, vlc, openshot video), except xine).

Totem tell me :
"Impossible to find the plugin
Python (v2.7) need to install the plugin to read multimedia file of type : audio/x-private-ts-lpcm"

I'm on ubuntu 12.10 and the kdenlive last version (0.9.6).

Do you have a solution ?

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