Installation from source

Topics about compilation and installation of Kdenlive from its source-code tarballs

Build script with instructions (NEW)

This is a new version of the build script that was born out of the old Kdenlive Build Wizard and published as a standalone Bash script elsewhere here on the forum. I am not maintaining the script and making the latest version available for download from the MLT wiki:

kdenlive on MacOSX available for testing

Edit : for working Kdenlive and MLT packages, scroll down to


 I compiled kdenlive on Mac OSX 10.5.6 (ppc) 


The compilation of the dependencies worked except for dvgrab (which is linux only because of its libraw1394 dependency?)  and frei0r effects.


Compiling instructions

If you are compiling by yourself, please make sure to follow the instructions at:

Installing Kdenlive from source

Kdenlive will NOT work properly if you miss some dependencies.

Build Script failure

I haven't been able to install Kdenlive with the Build Script today. I did so sucessfully last week on another computer with the same distribution (Mageia3). I get the following error:

LOG: About to run command: git --no-pager pull master
* branch master -> FETCH_HEAD
Already up-to-date.
LOG: About to run command: git checkout
Your branch is ahead of 'origin/master' by 4213 commits.
(use "git push" to publish your local commits)
LOG: Done getting or updating source for libvpx
LOG: Number of steps completed : 9
LOG: About to run command: popd
LOG: Getting or updating source for x264 - this could take some time
LOG: About to run command: pushd .
~/kdenlive/src ~/kdenlive/src
LOG: About to run command: cd x264
LOG: Pulling git sources for x264
LOG: About to run command: git reset --hard
HEAD is now at a3ac64b OpenCL support improvement/refactoring

how come sourceforge has 0.8.2 as the latest vers?

So lists 0.8.2 as the latest version.

How come? Did the project move from sourceforge to somewhere else?

Maybe at note at the sourceforge page should mention that. Because then we would not need to be telling people all the time to upgrade to 0.9.6

The source forge page says it has had 400 downloads this week of the 0.8.2 version which is 400 people with a way out of date version in one week !

ERROR: Unable to build kdenlive

I use ubuntu 10.10
Compile kdenlive using the script
(./ )

Generating moc_abstractaudioscopewidget.cpp
Generating moc_openclipart.cpp
[ 1%] Built target kdenlive_automoc
make: *** [all] Error 2
ERROR: Unable to build kdenlive
LOG: Process has finished. Reason: FAILURE Some kind of error occured: Unable to build kdenlive
All dependencies are installed

-- Found OpenGL: /usr/lib/
-- Found Soprano: /usr/include
-- Found SharedDesktopOntologies: /usr/share/ontology
-- Found Nepomuk: /usr/lib/
-- checking for module 'QJson>=0.5'
-- found QJson, version 0.7.1
-- Found QJSON: qjson;QtCore
-- Found LibV4L2: /usr/include
-- Looking for include file linux/input.h
-- Looking for include file linux/input.h - found
-- Found shared-mime-info version: 0.71
-- Building experimental executables

[Solved] Can't run "start-kdenlive" script in daily build

I downloaded the daily build for Debian 7 amd64, and running the script get this error:

$ sh start-kdenlive
start-kdenlive: 53: start-kdenlive: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

line 53 looks like:
function usage() {

any ideas? thanks

Build from buildscript - display of version wrong


Using the recent build script for kdenlive it is displayed as Version 0.9.5 (rev. v0.9.4-116-g3b84694)

I thought we have 0.9.6 by now?!



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