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Flower Music Video for the song The Time To Run (Finale) by Dexter Britain

A video I made using Kdenlive 0.9.6. Enjoy!
:-) Daniel

Games for Linux! Music Video 2

Hello there!

I created a second "Games for Linux! Music Video" to show a variety of games, that are native for Linux. Hope you like it:


Christie Isaac - One : Music Video

I've just released my début music video at http://amusicblogyea.com/2013/05/29/exclusive-new-video-christie-isaac-one/
Created entirely on linux. The song was made using Ardour and Hydrogen and the video was done in Kdenlive! If you like the track please check out my other music at http://christieisaac.bandcamp.com/

German Short Film about Gentrification


here is my new short film (23 minutes):


Edited with Kdenlive 9.6 on Ubuntu 12.04 (64-bit)
Nearly no crashes. As recommended, you need always about 20 GB free disk-space.
Kdenlive is still my favorite, much easier to work with as with lightworks. Even lightworks maybe has a better trim function.

Filmed on Canon 600D with Magic Lantern 2.3

Hope you like it.

If you have questions or suggestions, just reply.


what I wanted to do (but did not)


Today I tried to do a small video to show how Kxstitch works. Unfortunately, I did not know how to insert a title at the end of the video, in the last 15 seconds, without cutting the audio from the first video. The voice needs to continue being heard while the video turns into a title, that will be displayed to the end, with the voice in the background. Can anyone help me to include it?



2nd project with KDENlive (interview)

Hi there,

so I finalized my second project with KDENlive. Working only with OpenSource software I really had much fun with it.

There have been many improvements since I last checked on this piece of software. So let me say, I am a HUGE fan of this project!

I tried to work with Lighworks (Pro member) for a while, I really gave it a long shot, but overall KDENlive is pleasing my postproduction needs much, much more :)

Of course I have a short list of improvements and features I would like to be added, but I am already satisfied to a high level by the workflow you are offering us.

So I am hereby giving a big hand to the development and especially to the people standing behind the project.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, and keep on the good work!

Here is the link to my video, it is an interview with the creators of a project called "Biohazard" I had the honor to do DoP for:

Music Video Clip - Real'Chimy

Music video clip, made with the last 0.9.6 Kdenlive...

I used many options and filter, 7 tracks and only 1 crash (while editing the last titles), 10 hours works ....
5.8Gb kdenlive RAM max used, and 11 minutes for render (FullHD)...

Tell me what you think of it !!!!!



French Fire and Rescue headquarters Film presentation / with English sub

I spent more than 20 hours, to shoot and edit this projet.
Video there: http://tomtoom.free.fr/films/?p=158

Many people help me to made this video possible, thanks to all of them.
This video show, how technically a French fire department treat incoming emergency calls

Streaming working only with WEBM format / Mkv also available
Video Creative Commons


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