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Wrong Clips being rendered

I imported a Clip and created a film out of it. I have cut away some scenes. The scenes I used for the film are located in the First video track on the timeline. I deleted the other tracks and clip fragments i didn't need.

So when i play this film in the timeline, it works fine, but when I render it, it seems that the scenes I have cut away are being rendered an not the actual project. It's inverted.

Pretty strange.

Does anybody has the same problem?


¿Con qué formato exporto?

Hola, ¿cómo les va? Soy bastante nuevo en linux y tengo un problema con los videos que exporto en Kdenlive.
Yo edito video en formato .MOV en 1920x1080 a 24 fps y quisiera exportarlos en algún formato de MUY buena calidad con la misma resolución y fps.
Yo ya intenté en MPEG-4, MPEG-2, Flash pero todos me reproducen trabado (con irrupciones) el audio.

No sé si sería necesario alguna actualización o qué, pero necesitaría una solución al problema del AUDIO.

Muchas gracias de antemano.


Help! Kdenlive Rendering Clips Weirdly in Fast Forward

I was hoping someone can help me out here.

I'm editing a video project with Kdenlive. I'm putting together a highlight reel of an MMA fight. Since it's a highlight reel I'm making, I'm taking, like, 3 second cuts of clips that we originally shot with Sony Vixias in AVCHD. For some reason, Kdenlive is rendering *some* (not all) of those cuts of the clips as if they're being fast forwarded.

The original video was shot at 30 FPS...but it seems like Kdenlive is "forgetting" the frame rate and randomly rendering some of the cuts as 60 FPS.


Can't render avi; Unsupported audio codec: pcm_s16le

I am using Kdenlive 0.92 with Fedora 17 KDE.

There are 6 options for rendering as avi, but all are red, with the not "Unsupported audio codec: pcm_s16le".
How can I fix that?

Also, when I render as MPEG4, it seems to run through the whole rendering process, but then aborts because rendering crashed, stating "[swscaler @ 0xafb54ba0] Warning: data is not aligned! This can lead to a speedloss". As of now, I can't render videos in any way.

Anything that can get this programm working for me? Arranging and cutting clips is a real joy with it.


Video is pixelated after rendering

The problem im having is that, before the video is rendered, the video is fine and in HD. Yet, after I render it, it becomes pixelated, enough to see, but not in 720p that I rendered it out to be. I rendered it in Openshot, to see if it was the actual video. It rendered out fine in 720p. Any help would be appericated. Thanks :D


Does no t render project


I'm on ubuntu 12.04.2 kdenlive 0.9.6 libmlt4 installed.

when i' trying to export/render a simple clip it will be rendered.

I have one project with different effects, clips, sound ecc and i don't get it rendered. I t takes one second for rendering the job and then it has created a empty file.

here are some screenshots


Audio and video out of sync from the start

Hello there,

On Ubuntu 13.04 64bits, with Kdenlive 0.9.4

I'm trying to render segments of a video file in wmv in several format (mp4 and flv) for web page embedding but I'm facing a sync issue.

To create the segments, I used the clip monitor, positioning myself at the desired timings and using the InPoint and OutPoint to set the segments' boundaries. I would then drag and drop the content of the monitor to the project timeline and ended with my segments.


PLEASE HELP mpeg4 render problem

So basically when I try to render the Youtube option or just generally a mpeg4 file it plays just half the screen? Its so frustrating because when I then try a m2t file it zooms out. I dont know much about video files so this might be a stupid mistake. I make all my videos for youtube so I just want a suitable render option that works! PLEASE HELP



Colour issue rendering to H.264

I am working with 3D (stereoscopic) material. After editing, I render the project to anaglyph 3D, i.e. green/magenta.
To do so, I apply the SOP/SAT effect to the clips for the left and right eye views and add an addition transition.
This results in a correct full colour anaglyph 3D video.

So here the issue:
If I save a frame from the monitor, I get a perfect PNG that looks exactly the same as when I do the whole procedure manually in Gimp.
If I render to DNxHD (custom render profile), I get the same nice quality when playing the video in i.e. VLC.
But if I render to H.264, quite some crosstalk/ghosting occurs, so I assume that there is some quality sacrifice impacting the colours that causes this.
This can be compensated with adjusting colours (saturation, ...) in VLC or other players to some extent, but the quality is never as good as with PNG or DNxHD.
I also tried other formats (MPEG2/4, ...) but it is either the same or even worse.

Finally my question:


problem with render of theora to webm

When I have my project finished and do the render selecting Tehora o webm and play at the end and just get a black screen that says invalid.

Any help you could give me.

kubuntu 12.04



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