Video Effects and Transitions

Topics about the usage of video effects and transitions provided by Kdenlive

chromakey one video over another?

From what I've found I should be able to overlay a transparent background video clip on a background image but I'm not sure if that backround can be another video instead of another image.


I think this is made with after effects.
Is it possible to make this transition with kdenlive.

Panolapse - recipe for kdenlive?

looks cool. does anyone have any tips for achieving this effect in kdenlive?

frei0r version 1.3?

Hello all.

I have a fresh installation of Mint 14 KDE and have installed kdenlive via the terminal using "sudo apt-get install kdenlive" but have a few problems...

- Certain audio codecs are not working. Synaptic says I have libmp3lame installed but when rendering with this profile I have no sound.

color write on video how to do?

(i'm really sorry my english is so bad!)

can u see this video?

there are two colored writing one pink and other one white how can do the same using Kdenlive ?
beacuse for editing this video ( was used sony vegas pro

can u help me please? thanks u so much!

a 640x360 screen recording becomes blurred in a 720p project that is rendered to 640x360

how can I prevent that a 640x360 (360p) screen recording video (mpeg4) becomes blurred in a 720p (1280x720) project that is rendered to 640x360? - I need 720p videos (no screen recordings) in the timeline for some effects (crop, zoom, ..).


Automask annoyance

So I have pixelated faces out of a project, at points frame by frame adjustment was neccesary as obviously the motion tracking is not perfect.
Everything looks tidy in the project monitor but not in the rendered videos where the square moves differently and occasionaly doesn't cover things.
More strangely the pixels do different things depending on the render format, h.264 has slighlty different result than HDV and 2 passing gives diferent result again.

Auto Mask - Clip already contains analsysis data Motion vectors

I want to create a motion tracking with Auto Mask. The first attempt didn't looked good so I started another one. Now I'm receiving this message:

Clip already contains analysis data Motion vectors - join / add ? (sorry, German GUI)

Whichever option I chose, Kdenlive crashes.

How can I remove the motion tracking data from the clip properties?

And where can I check the analysis progress?

Composite mask across multilple video channels

New to KDL I am just experimenting with my first project.

I have am trying to put some videos I created into a composite TV screen mask. You know the type I mean. I created a wipe file etc etc.. and the video looks like it is playing in TV.

This works fine for one video. SO if you have this..

Video 1 (standard footage)

Video 2 (Image of the Television)

However in my case I want the trasistion mask to effect all videos above it.

So if I do this.

Video 1 (standard footage) (yet more video here)
Video 2 (more standard footage that fades in just as Video 1 fades out)

Video 3 (----------------------------------Image of the Television----------------------------------------)

Problem with Chroma Key

Hi everyone.
I've tried to make a chroma key using a green screen and a photocamera (I don't have a video camera, this is the possible first problem).
The screen is uniform ad flash green, the light was quite good but, the final results is full of, I don't know how to decribe, but seems as video glitch.
Every border are really not sharp. I've tried a lot of setting with variance and I've also combined more than one chroma key.

Some of you have ever used kdenlive with chroma key?
Have you achieved good results?

Thanks in advance.


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