Using Kdenlive to edit a 52mn movie

Dear JB and Dan,

I would like your technical advice for my project "Les super-héros de l'immobilier".
I am entering the final stage, editing 20 hours of footage to produce a 52 min movie.

For organisation reasons, I prefer to use GNU/Linux and Kdenlive rather than use a profesional solution based on proprietary software.
A friend of mine is working for a TV broadcast in Video editing.
He explains me that for 52 minutes projects, his company hires MacOsX stations, because Windows crashes too often.

After severe crash experiences in the Windows world, I will never ever return to closed software : too much time lost.
I do not trust Windows to be able to handle a video project.

So ... Kdenlive is my only alternative.

I am looking for your advice:
:arrow: Should I break the project in small projects of 5 minutes, export them and render the final film using the merge feature.

:arrow: Do you think Kdenlive is ready to handle a long 52 minutes movie, in a single project:

1) I am wondering about the move tool.
Do you think the move tool is accurate enough?

2) Also, I am worried about MLT tree, as I read that adding and deleting a scene would rebuild MLT tree.

Any advice welcome.

Kind regards,