Using KDEnlive for an LXDE training video

Here is a link to another video I made using KDEnlive :

In this case, I took a series of video clips that I had captured with "xvidcap" (of a Virtual Box session) and using KDEnvlive merged them together, and tuned the audio track, so that it looks like a continuous recorded session, and in fact (hopefully) hides the editing that went on behind in creating this video (using KDEnlive), where in fact this is many short clips glued together. I do not think I could have obtained the same quality of a training video without KDEnlive (ie replacing audio track, seamlessly merging different clips, etc ... ) .

I also created a duplicate version, minus the audio track (not everyone likes Beethoven) :)

Great video.
Hope you don't mind, I have 2 remarks:

1. Get rid of the background music, let people who want to concentrate and learn hear you
2. try to make the recording windows bigger, like 1024x720, so youtube will encode it as 720P and it will be easier to see the content.

Great work!

Thanks for the suggestions. I actually have a non-music version:

but I did not think of the 1024x720 idea. I captured the original video in a Virtual Box session (in a series of many short clips) running at 800x600 resolution, which I later glued together with kdenlive, adding various audio clips, etc ... to make it look like one continuous session, and then I rendered it. Guess I could have done this at 1024x768.

I might try to render the original 800x600 version (as I have the .kdenlive file) to 1024x768 and then see what it looks like. ....