Using keyframes on image v0.8.2

Hi all,

I've been trying for nearly two days but I cannot get the frame to move across the image using keyframes. For example I want the frame to move from left to right.

Note that I am using version 0.8.2 and that the video tutorial doesn't help.

The image is a still and I got a feeling that its perhaps because I cannot resize the image. Can only resize the keyframe.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


I am having the same problem. I would like to create a panorama from a still image but I ma unable to resize my image.
The UI has changed significantly since the video about panoramas was made and I have been unable to find any clear documentation.

I can't reproduce the problem but I'm not sure what steps you were using. The tutorial you mention is indeed out of date. You don't want to use the Composite transition to pan an image anymore. The best way is to use the Pan and Zoom effect.

Following is a basic outline of the steps to do a simple pan of a still image:
- Add a clip to the timeline
- Right-click on the clip and select Add Effect->Crop and transform->Pan and Zoom
- Go to the beginning of the clip
- In the Effect Stack window, enter a new value in the Size field, say 120%
- Under the Option pulldown, select Align Left
- Go to the end of the clip and in the Effect Stack window click the Add Keyframe icon
- Still in the Effect Stack window, under Options, select Align Right
- Play your clip. It should do a simple pan from left to right.

An alternative to manually entering values in the Effect Stack window is to go to the Project Monitor window and grab a corner of the yellow rectangle that borders the image. Note: you must be located on a keyframe for the rectangle to be resizable. You can drag a corner of the rectangle to enlarge the size of the clip. Then you can position your mouse over the center of the image and your mouse cursor will change to a hand symbol. You can now drag the yellow rectangle around to get an instant preview of your repositioning of the image for your pan.

I've been away from Kdenlive for a while and I hear that there were some bugs in versions after 0.8 was released so I'm not sure if your 0.8.2 version is affected. I just tested the above procedure on AV Linux 5.0.3 which has Kdenlive version 0.8.3 (rev. v0.8.2-201-gf92aeac).

Hope that helps.