The utmost important videos made with KDENLIVE

Hello friends!
Audacious title, I ll let you be the judge if it applies. We did a few videos for a charity in India who cares for about 30 children and which enables them to be educated and keeps them from starving.

The videos have helped to gather a few more volunteers for the project and raised the awareness. Kdenlive devs, this is also thanks to you!

Maybe you can link to these videos from you own site to get more volunteers and supporters on board. There is more information about the project at availabe, website is in German and English (menus german only, each page contains a link at the bottom for english language).

Without further ado, imo kdenlives most valuable work:

Children of the Hampi Children Trust:

Past, present and future of the Hampi Children Trust:

English subtitles

The Situation in Hampi:

The efforts of the Hampi Children Trust - Part 1:

The efforts of the Hampi Children Trust - Part 2:

English subtitles


English subtitles