version 0.8.1 rev5589 choppy audio

I have compiled from source the past several rev's mainly to get around the crash-on-pause of 0.8. The slow startup time caused by the ladspa issue was also a problem. However, I have 0.8.1 rev8859 compiled and running. The problem I have is the audio is extremely choppy when I perform playback. The video seems fine now compared to some earlier builds, but the audio doesn't. I have hunted for and removed installed versions of mlt, ffmpeg, and x264 from my system.

When I run dpkg --get-selections | grep x264, I get
libx264-106 install
If I sudo apt-get remove --purge libx264-106, it wants to remove plenty of other stuff including VLC and DVD Styler. I didn't think that was prudent so I didn't do it.

Are there other things I need to remove from my system to get smooth audio playback? Or, is there something else wrong?