Vertical effects


I missed a fonctionnality that could be very cool with kdenlive.

Actually, each track can have their effects.
Each clip can have their effects.
It would be cool if we could add effects to clips globally, like this :

Because actually, we have to select each clip on the differents track to add effects dependings of the part of the videos...

If you have any question, ask me.

You mean add an effect to all tracks add once?
Yeah that would be nice.
Maybe you could open a feature request in our bug tracker so this does not get lost?
I am planning to do some refactoring, also in the effect section at some point and I hope that it will be fairly easy afterwards to add this feature since MLT already supports it.

"You mean add an effect to all tracks add once?"

Add an effect to all tracks which are in the selected part of the video.
Like, you have a start point, and end point. All tracks part between this two points would have the choosen effect added.

I dont know if its easy to understand :p

I'm okay to post it on the bug tracker, but i would like to be sure to write it good, so that the request would be understand...

An extension of this idea that has been discussed briefly before is that for any given track, it might be nice to have independence between the clip boundaries and the effect boundaries. In other words, an effect could take up only part of a clip's duration, or could be placed over multiple clips, or could start half way through one clip and end half way through another clip. This can be useful in certain circumstances. You can sort of do this in kdenlive, but you have to cut up your clips and separately apply the effect to all of the clips in between where you want the effect to start and end. This can be inconvenient especially if you want to keyframe a certain effect across a number of clips - you would have to manually match up the keyframe values at the beginnings and ends of each clip.