Video about the characters of Tales of Monkey Island

I'm a fan of Monkey Island and I'm enjoying the new game in this series. And I wanted to try kdenlive, so I created this little "trailer" about some of the characters of the game.

I think, the interesting part of the video would be at the end with four clips at ones (split screen).

Direct link:

I used Kdenlive 0.7.5 in Ubuntu 9.04 and Gimp for some of the material (Kdenlive doesn't render well in Arch Linux *shrugs*). The ingame-material is from my playthrough, played in Linux with Wine, captured with glc. I had some slowdowns in two scenes, but that is because capturing this stuff slows down my computer. It's smoother without it.

I don't know how often Kdenlive crashed on me. Maybe the 6 GB videomaterial were a little bit to much. :-D (thank god there is a recovery mode. So useful.) Also I had some problems with the sound with the little clips. They begin with garbage sound for about 1 second, after that, it is okay. Don't know if this has something to do with my computer or the software itself. You may notice, that I silenced the clips for the first seconds.

Also the wipe-effect in the composite-transition don't look as good as without the composite (wipe only). Maybe someone can give me a tip or two. ;-)

All in all I'm really happy with Kdenlive. Great software.

EDIT: Attached a picture from my Kdenlive thingy, session management, dunno. I think it is somehow a funny pic, because it is so... full and colourful. :-) And 5 video tracks are not enough... :-/

Update! Now version 0.2.

With chapter 3 released this week, there are some new scenes in it, I cut a little bit more and I added some basic animations (with the help of synfig). Though, the animations are not that great, I will make them better looking in the next version (in about one month, or so).

Here is the Video:

Direct link:

I love Monkey Island! Can we see a video about MI2 or MI3 in the future? They're the second-best games I've ever played ;)

He, he. Second best... That's a good one! :-D

Actually, I don't own Monkey Island 3, so that might be a problem. Maybe I do something about Monkey Island 2, if LucasArts does a Remake like with the first one. If I can get it run on linux, that is. But that will be far in the future, I guess.