Video about Pure Leaf Teas

Pure Leaf Teas Introduction from Michael Vasquez on Vimeo.

Please just tear it apart. I can't find out why my audio is so underwater sounding -I was using AAC for my audio, and found a forum post here about using libfaac and how that might sound better.

Anyhow, it was made with Kdenlive.

Did it sound like that in the original as well (bad microphone)? Or did you use a high compression ratio?

Regarding the video itself, what I noticed could be improved (imho) is using a second camera (or more), so you can switch between total view to some detail views (of their faces, the tea bags, etc.). Cuts make the video a little more interesting. Also, zoom is not often used since the human eye cannot zoom either ;) Another thing, your tripod does not seem to run really smooth (mine does not either), pans sometimes look a little jerky.

Thanks for your thoughtful replies. We are low budget and learning about this process. Acquiring a second camera and fixing our tripod would definitely be in our best interest. The sound was a rendering problem we found out.

Here is the second video we produced with Kdenlive:

Wu Pai Set from Michael Vasquez on Vimeo.

Newer versions of FFmpeg have better AAC (without having to resort to FAAC or LAME). So, just keep it in mind for future as you upgrade FFmpeg.