Video editing with Kdenlive

I am using Kdenlive for my video editing, I am running an Asus PC, I have had quite a lot of success and am happy with the results, however, I capture from a mini dv recorder using firewire, many times I cannot get the capture to initialise, when I click on initialise, some times it will not start and some times it will say initialising and sticks, and I have to try again, I have checked the settings and it is set to capture from firewire.
I also have a problem sometimes when, clicking to initialise, I get a message saying not connected,I check my connections and find them to be ok,I sometimes unplug firewire and reconnect, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, I think my cable is ok, as when it is working, it works fine.Am I doing something wrong, .please can anyone help as it is very frustrating. Thanks.

to be sure, that the cable is okay· it would be the best choice to try another one. Sounds for me for broken cable.

Thank you for your advice TiKaey, I have purchased a new fire wire cable and it now works fine.
All the best.