Video to frames

Is it possible to render in Kdenlive a clip into frames for example .png frames, I know how to save single frames in .png, but I want generate whole video. Is there planned support for OpenEXR in Kdenlive.


Dunno about kndelive, but there's a very good plugin for that available for GIMP:

You can export your movie frames in png format by creating a new rendering profile, using:

extension: png
avformat parameters: f=image2 vcodec=png an=1

AND: the name for your output file must end with: %05d, like:


The frames will then be saved as:
See picture that shows a copy of the rendering dialog with that profile

Thx a lot j-b-m, it works. Is there any documentation how to create render profiles with those scripts? I can't find any :(

Sorry for my English.