Video Rendering incorrectly

So I'm starting to get into Kdenlive, and finally start to navigate through it. I'm making a small video about 4 minutes in length, with music and currently 5 video tracks, with a few composite, and pan & zoom effects, along with high quality pictures. The problem is seeing as I'm no where near done, I like looking at the rendered video to see how the final product would look, and any rendering "glithches" that would get in the way; the rendered video only contains a small fraction of the whole video (about 18 seconds). I've tried rendering in a variety of formats, all in 1080p 60 FPS. Can someone tell me if I'm doing something wrong, or if this is a known bug. Please I'm planning to put quite a bit of time into this, and would like to run this program smoothly.
Ubuntu Version 12.04
Kdenlive Version


Could be that you render only a selected zone? Check at the bottom of the "rendering" popup window that you have selected "Full Project", otherwise only the zone marked by the green bar over the tracks will be rendered.

Are you saying your 1080p 60fps rendered content is not playing smoothly outside of kdenlive? For 1080p 60fps exactly what codecs support that? h264 & mpeg4 I think are probably only real choices. Then is the playback device and codec man enough?

@Marko I make sure to press render full project

@Yellow Actually there are some codec errors so I cannot render in those formats...instead I am forced to use a massive MPEG2 file...

What codec errors to you get? Have you tried deleting the kdenliverc file in /home/.../.kde/share/config? and running kdenlive config again. Maybe consider upgrading kdenlive to 0.9 from sunabs release PPA? Do you have libavcodec-extra installed? All these might help with codec errors.

This problem is starting to get really annoying -_-

I updated to version 0.9.2, and I installed libavcodec-extra, and still the maximum amount of rendering I'm getting is 18 seconds.....

Is their any other way to render this file????

Do you only get 18 seconds with mpeg2 as well, you say thats all you can use?

I have no problem encoding a 60fps video, have problems playing it though. So assume this could be a memory usage problem with the effects and high quality images.

If you watch your system resources whilst rendering what do you see? Does kdenlive crash, freeze or just abort rendering after so long?

I tested a Pan & Zoom effect combined with a speed effect on a small sample of 1080p HD at 24fps and it froze my machine leading to a hard reboot. Maybe the problem lies in memory usage of effects.

Yes I only get 18 seconds, I have a few other formats that work such as .ogv but those seem to yield the same result.

I have encoded around 12, 11-minute long videos into 1080 60fps , and they all play fine.

Resources seem to be dancing around 100% for most of the CPU cores, but it doesn't seem to be that cause any major slow downs or crashing.

At this point I just may give up on Kdenlive -_-

Sora: What OS are you using? I am experiencing similar behaviour with Ubuntu 12.04: no matter what I select, the rendering is done only to the beginning of the videofile (I am splitting and rendering a concert to videos containing one song in one video). I only have 1 long videofile in the project.

I'm running Ubuntu 12.04

Sora: I resolved my problem. There are tools for selecting a starting point and endpoint of a selection. There will be a green bar over the selection between the markers. That worked for me. I am moving now so I cannot give you a screenshot but let me know if you cannot find it.

The experienced behaviour is still really odd. Why does the rendering even start?