A video scene stabilizer

I seen into the Magix Video Deluxe (win commercial) product a function that permits to remove the camera shakes. You just select an area where there should be no movement (a car parked, a garbage can, ...) and the function move the frames trying to get steady that objects. You can also zoom in, to avoid black borders.
The settings you can set are mainly an "action range" (how the movement must be "fast" to be considered) and a oscillation parameter (higher let move the view lighter and slower...)

For me this could be a killer-app that makes difference beetween a normal program and a power one. The day that kdenlive will have it I can say goodbye to Premiere I use (to work).

I well tested kdenlive and to me seems to be the better non-linear solution in gnu/linux environment, and could be a real alternative to work (above all for hdv support). But if there is no noise audio reduction (notably a "dehisser" to redure room echoes) nor image stabilizer, will be always a good project but only for thin video projects... (a pity)

This is my 2 cent considerations... sorry for grammar but I'm not native english (Italian).