vob and mp2 audio

this kdenlive is so nice, I want to use it to convert all films to make a DVD.
I'm useing DVDStyler to make the DVD, but my dvdplayer only look for the first audiocodec, so all has to be mp2.
Sorry, i'm really not specialist about video commands
witch command I need to convert into VOB and mp2 ?
I tried
format=dvd vcodec=mpeg2video acodec=mp2 size=640x480 video_bit_rate=6000000 video_rc_max_rate=9000000 video_rc_min_rate=0 video_rc_buffer_size=1835008 mux_packet_size=2048 mux_rate=10080000 audio_bit_rate=448000 audio_sample_rate=48000
like the .vob code, so exchanched acodec=ac3 with acodec_mp2.
Thanks for helping


This should be OK. Have you encountered problems?
Suggestion: for mp2 try lower audio bitrate, let's say 192000kpbs, 443000 is too much for this codec.
Suggestion2: usually ac3 is suggested as the less problematic codec for DVD hardware players, but it's up to you.
Check the result with mplayer (see console output) or Avidemux (click video properties button)

I will convert to ac3. You are absoltly right with problematic codec for DVD hardware players. I tried a lot of settings on mp2 codec and i was not able to play the DVD without some "clack-noise". Convert with Kdenlive to PAL_DVD and everything works :lol: