The voices disappear

I was using kdenlive 0.6-svn on my ubuntu Intrepid Ibex, when I decided to upgrade to the last version of kdenlive to fix a pair of little, but important for my project, problems. Now when I export the project the video has the sound, music and all the stuff, but no voices. Even in the prewiev it happens, no voices at all.

I'm working on vob files extracted from a dvd, I tried to export it in h.264 and in Xvid4.


What can I do? Probably is a problem with the 5.1 audio channels...


Can you try adding "ac=2" to the export sentence.

It doesn't work. Also I need to heat the voices during the work on the project.

One thing is not clear:

You say that the sound and music work fine but not the voices. But where do the music and voice come? Are they from separate clips? Or are they different audio streams from one video clip?

We need to know if the problem is that Kdenlive does not correctly mix different tracks or if the problem is that a video clip only plays part of it's audio.

I used DVD::RIP to extract the video from a DVD, then I used the Vob files in the projects. That's it, I never touched the audio file, I just put the video clip in the project. I think the problem is that kdenlive does not mix different tracks.

kdenlive does automatically mix. Seems like some channels of the 5.1 audio is getting dropped. I need to review the 5.1 handling in MLT to see if this is getting downmixed somewhere. Please feel free to file a bug on this to better track it. Also, include here or in your bug report the output of 'ffmpeg -i yourfile' where 'yourfile' is the DVD rip.