Volume difference if "normalize" and "audo fade in/out" add applied both


I have a movie project where I use normalize on all audio and video items because the recording was done with too less volume and this is the best way to have some audio in the resulting video. However when I use both normalize and audio fade in or out on one clip, there is often an uncomfortable noise. I.e. when I have fade in, the clip starts very loud and the fade in does not seem to take effect, when the fade in is finished, the audio is correctly normalized. Same thing for fade out, when I apply it, there is an audible increase in volume at the point where fade out kicks in!

I checked that this is not only in the video editor, but also happens in the resulting video if I render output, e.g. flash video (haven't tried others, let me know if there is a chance that others work).

Is there a way to combine these effects without this disturbing noise effects? Or do I apply them incorrectly somehow? Also is the order important? I.e. should I put normalize first and then fade or vice versa?

Thanks... Dominik

I have the same problem. A combination with normalize not always does, what it should, but aaybe I am wrong how to edit this.

My _main_ problem at the moment is, how do I select _all_ clips. I want to group them and hope that normailization works for the whole group.

Is there really now other way to select all clips, by selecting one after another?

It's a Kdenlive bug : the volulme fade/in fade/out doesn't take into account the volume effects on the clips. So every fade-out will start at maximum volume even if the volume is set to 10%.

The only solution right now is to use the keyframable volume effect to fade-out manually. Not ideal, but at least it works fine.

I've really got to find a few minutes to report the bug on the mantis (along with several others...)

Thanks, phew, so I am not going mad here :)

I reported this as issue 1497 at http://www.kdenlive.org/mantis/view.php?id=1497


hehe I reported it yesterday ;) http://www.kdenlive.org/mantis/view.php?id=1493

It should be flaged as duplicate, but I don't have the rights to do so...