VU Meters

I understood that VU meters were available from v 0.8 +

On my installation from the FC14 rpm I have a blank box labelled 'Audio Signal', but no contents. Is this where the VU meters should be?

The Config Wizard checks out OK.


You have to right click on the 'blank box' and select 'Monitor Audio Signal'.



Yes, that does it.

One question leads to another.

What levels do the colours correspond to? I haven't seen the scale go red.

If it does go red, does it change to red in the range 0 - 12dB below digital clipping level?


Sorry I don't know the answer to that one, you probably would need to talk to whichever developer introduced that feature to get an exact answer. In my own experiments the red seems to require a lot of gain so it may even be at -6-0dB (the clipping point), I personally am happy with keeping the audio well into the yellow with a rare spike into the red, but obviously that is more opinion than actual empirical knowledge. It is important to note that with MLT 0.7.4 and beyond you can use Kdenlive with any LADSPA plugins available on the system which introduces a host of Audio processing options especially compression/limiting which can be very beneficial for both managing dynamic range and also preventing clipping. If in doubt do a test render of a loud section of your project and see if the meters correspond with any distorted audio in the test render.

I think this needs to be clarified on that widget, there should be tick-marks on the side to indicate what level is being shown!

i changed the item, that is has now tick marks with db values on.
also the "over 0 db" has been adjusted.

i will commit this after the release of 0.8.2

Sweet, thanks for that :)