Warning regarding Ubuntu ffmpeg packages

For users of Intrepid, please don't upgrade to ffmpeg 0.svn20090119 packages. Doing so will break other apps which depends on ffmpeg and related packages. I don't know exactly which apps but VLC is one of them. I'm guessing that this is due to ABI incompatibility.

Anyway, I'm already in the process of reverting the ffmpeg packages back to 0.svn20081115. This will take a while so please be patient. Also, since this will be a downgrade, apt-get upgrade won't help. You can try this series of commands:

sudo apt-get update; sudo dpkg -P --force-all `dpkg -l | grep 3:0.svn20090119 | cut -d' ' -f3`; sudo apt-get -f install

If kdenlive gets uninstalled, then just install it again.

Sorry about this... my script automatically sent the newer packages.

Hi, I installed ffmpeg from debian-multimedia and VLC works....


But, Another question: why in your ubuntu packages there aren't some effects like dust and old film?