.wav files CRASH kdenlive 0.9.6

When an audio .wav file is scrolled over during "add a clip" with "showing Aside preview", it immediately crashes kdenlive 0.9.6 using kde 4.10.3 in Mint 14 and netrunner 12.2. If "showing Aside preview" is NOT activated. Then .wav files can be imported and used with no problem.
BTW mp3 files do play and import correctly when "showing Aside preview" is activated.

This does NOT happen on AVLinux 6.0 and Ubuntu 12.04 and Zorin 6.0 ALL ON THE SAME 64 bit machine (different partitions).

report this at mantis if you want action on it

I tried Mantis. but it was a bust... they kicked my bug off.

Besides, KDENLIVE crashes so fast and hard during this effect that there is no report to give. I mean, when you mouse-over the file, KDENLIVE disappears no error message at all.
Mint users and Netrunner and even AVLinux 6 and 6.o1 users BEWARE !

Why doesn't Ubuntu and Zorin crash like this ????

This was fixed sometime ago, I filed a bug report for exact same problem with aside preview and wavs.


Search Mantis before trying to add a bug report.

jbm's answer:

j-b-m (administrator)
2013-02-23 18:26

I can reproduce. However, I think it is caused by a packaging issue. A workaround is to change the phonon default backend (in Kde's systemsettings) and select for example vlc instead of gstreamer. Solves the crash for me - requires that you install the phonon-backend-vlc package

Fixed the issue for me too. :-)