Website development in Mantis

If there was a category on Mantis for the website itself it would make it possible to forego this forum and have all issues in one place.

The distinct bug tracking features would allow the reporter to be more detailed about website issues.

I am suggesting this feature, specifically hoping that it will be a foundation for making it easier to get the forum into a more streamlined state that aligns well with the other Kdenlive resources.

I don't know too much about website content management technologies etc.. but I'd definitely give support to any idea that goes for a better and more efficient development of this great tool called Kdenlive !! which already has the more active community I have ever seen in an Open source initiative (I think Kdenlive could really become the real option for videoediting since has a good interface design so far and realizing some other projects like Jahshaka have are almost dead ... and I havent found easy to install cinelerra at all (so I can foresee Kdenlive getting the place of THE videoediting solution for Linux users (and Windows in a future??..) though it still needs to evolve a lot ...

So I hope you find echo and support on this idea related to make more efficient the management of report of bugs or suggestion of features etc.. via the website..

best wishes and best luck with it !!!

and cheers to all Kdenlive users so far !!

I think Drupal bug tracking system is in usable state now and should be tested to have an opinion.

Using the Drupal bugtracker sounds like a good way to integrate the management of bugs into the site.

However, unless someone is willing to port all bugs from Mantis over to the Drupal bugtracker, I'd be opposed to it. Otherwise there would now be two bugtrackers and I can only image the additional problems that would create (e.g. what if the wrong one was chosen? does the admin now have to move it by hand?).

If everything can be in Drupal, great, but it sounds like a lot of work.

Using Drupal's bugtracker is a must for the long term viability of this web site: