Weekly build on Ubuntu 10.10: error while loading shared libraries: libmlt.so.2: cannot open shared object file

The Ubuntu 10.10 build of kdenlive at ppa:sunab/kdenlive-svn complains that libmlt.so.2 is not present. It appears that the provided libmlt2 package only contains /usr/lib/libmlt.so.3.

I did this to make it run again:
sudo ln -s libmlt.so.0.5.11 /usr/lib/libmlt.so.2

Not sure if that is an appropriate fix though.

I third this error. I fell back to a previous version of KDEnlive, but will attempt sonofjon's fix.

The version was raised a few days ago from 2 to 3 and looks like sunab updated the packages in the wrong order.