what do you do about missing profiles?

Using on linux mint 10
I notice others are referring to profiles and even profile groups that I dont have
I dont have any in the category lossless/ HQ - dont even have that category how do I intall them?


Was it a clean install or did you have a previous version of kdenlive installed. Not sure if this affects profiles but you could try deleting your kdenliverc file and restarting kdenlive then reconfigure in the settings menu.

It was my first clean install from package manager - I will try you suggestion anyway and report back if it works.
Nope render options are the same - still there is plenty of choice there so no big deal.
here is a link to a screenshot of my options - although I added the FFV1 at the bottom

So in the drop down that says File Rendering you don't have a Lossless / HQ list? That seems odd.

Oh, my, God I didn't think to look in the drop down. Embarrassed is not the word - I am now looking around the room wondering where I can hide away so no one can see me.
Maybe the title of this post should have been "what do you do about missing brain cells"?

haha, it happens to us all. :-)