What does this mean: Your clip does not match current project's profile ?


I am new to Kdenlive, when I add a rmvb file to Kdenlive, a message says:

Your clip does not match current project's profile. No existing profile found to match the clip's properties.
Clip size: 720X404
Fps: 23.976

And I just cut and deleted the unnecessary part from the clip, tried to save or rendering the clip, Kdenlive just closed or crashed.

What is the problem? the format rmvb is not right?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Just means that the source clip has different properties such as framerate or resolution compared to whatever project settings you are using or whatever default project settings kdenlive is starting up with.

Thanks, yellow.

but why did it crash when I tried to save and export the clip?

Thanks a lot!

I've never heard of an rmvb file, where is that from? Perhaps kdenlive / MLT has poor support for it, if support exists at all.


I updated kdenlive to 0.9.2, and it works.