What is "Drop frame timecode"


For my understanding, what is "drop frame timecode" exactly?

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You can get an explanation on that document from Adobe:

http://teched.vt.edu/GCC/HTML/VirtualTe ... mecode.pdf

It is only for NTSC systems. If you work with NTSC, the frame rate is 29.97 fps.
On the video editor timeline, we say that the frame rate is 30fps, but that's not perfectly accurate. So we have to drop some numbers on the timeline to correct the difference between 29.97 and 30 fps. It's kind of a timecode trick.

In fact I am not sure it work fine on Kdenlive, I did not make lots of test on it since I have a PAL system.
Read the above document for better explanation.


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Thank you for the explaination.

Maybe the settings should reflect this :
Use·Drop·Frame·timecode -> Use·Drop·Frame·timecode (NTSC only)

Yes, good idea. Can you make the change ?